Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Awesome Expedition by the Russian Robinson Club

Around this year IOTA-Contest (Islands on the Air) a team of members of the RRC (Russian Robinson Club) make an adventure to a very lonley place of the world: to Chuginadak Island (Islands of Four Mountains group)in Alaska.
According to Homer office of U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service, permission to visit this island is not needed. Dangerous was an active volcano.

They are using the callsign KL7DX wich is courtesy of Alaska DX Club.
On the website from the team, you can learn much more about this expedition:
RRC expedition to NA-234
The awesome and great video about the activity:

Around the IOTA contest, the team is not very connected with the rest of the world, because poor sunspot conditions, in the northern hemisphere especially poor.
I had worked at this contest also with my call DL5AWI. The result was over 800 contacts mostly with island operators. I´m a member of the RRC, my mebership number is 289 and I operated from several rare islands in the past years.

The KL7DX team make a short video about the poor conditions during the IOTA-contest on this place:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Operation from the " Muehlburg"

At the foreland of the
Thuringia Forest
between the cities
Arnstadt and Gotha
are prominent castle
silhouettes outlined
against the landscape.
If you driving on the
Autobahn across this
area, you can see this
wonderful panorama.
It is the scenic
imposing terrain of
the steeped
"Drei Gleichen". The name originated from the 11th
century castle Gleichen (THB-037) and the Muehlburg
(THB-36) constructed in the year 704.
The adjacent "Veste Wachsenburg"(THB-088) was build
up in the 10th-century. The two castles are seperated
around 6 miles. Only ruins remain from the first two
castles, while the "Veste Wachsenburg" is the best preserved
castle of the three.
Today is it a hotel with restaurant.
This area is a very popular destination. The countryside with
its rare plants and flowers presents an unforgettable picture
of unity and harmony

Every year in July, in occasion of the
IARU HF World Championship a part of the team DA0HQ
(German National Team) operate from the castle ruins of
Muehlburg (THB-036). The team compounded the best
amateur-radio operators around this area and she working
together on the higher shortwave bands, mostly of
10 meters/28mcs.
All technic and antennas, power supply/generators need
to load up from the valley to the hill from the boys in a very
hard work.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Castle Operation from Town Palace Eisenach

On the Thuringia Day 2007
in our city Eisenach, we
amateur-radio operator take
this occasion to put out our
signals around the world from
our town palace.
We operated portable from the
backyard with no good conditions
to erect some antennas.

For shortwave it was place only for a 40m-band dipole.
On the VHF section we used some equipment from

The Stadtschloss (town palace) is situated at the north end of
the Market place, left from the town hall and was built between
1742 and 1745. This palace was constructed to the plans of
Gottfried Heinrich Krohne, architect of Ernst August I,
Duke of Saxe-Weimar. Later Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
frequently stayed here in his capacity as Weimar prime minister
from 1777 on. Today the Stadtschloss acts as a venue for special
exhibitions and as a museum for artistic and historical artifacts
from Thuringia.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

DF0ESA /p on Wartburg Castle

After founding of the COTA-team Germany, one of
the first activities from the members of the
amateur-radio club-station DF0ESA was a portable
weekend from the historic castle Wartburg.

This castle have the thuringia castle number THB-001.
The team operated several times from this location.
On HF we worked with the transceiver FT890 from
YAESU and antenna was a longwire fixed in a tree,

because it was not allowed to use the wall from the

On VHF we worked with several equipment on 2m
and 70cm in FM via relais DB0THB and in SSB also.

We have here around our city Eisenach some other
historic places and we will try to get a operation from

Some historical facts about the Wartburg:

-1067 was the foundation of the castle by
"Ludwig dem Springer".With him began the
unprecedented development of the clan
"Ludovinger" for moe as 200 years.

-1130 The family appointed as landgraves

-1206 The legendary Minnesinger`s Contest was
here and the Holy Elizabeth lived here at this time.

-1221 The hungarian princess married the landgrave
Ludwig IV. After the death of her husband 1227 in palestine
(crosswar) Elizabeth was going to city of Marburg in order
to live her life in proverty, chastity and humility.

-1521 was Martin Luther here and translate the holy bible.

-1777 Johann Wolfgang Goethe visits the Wartburg

-1999 The Wartburg is part of the World`s Heritage now....

Over some centauries was much of reconstruction and

DL5AWI Gerhard Kaiser virtual marketing team

Klaus DO5AWE on VHF

QSL card DF0ESA with the Wartburg

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The AdBoards – the undiscovered goldmine of visitor flow

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Stay on top of the list! Free AdBoards are highly trafficked sites. People often come back several times a day. Try to make sure that your advertisement is in front of their eyes every time. Personally, I would recommend programs that don’t include compulsory clicks. Such programs as
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About The Author
Dee Eglinas is the president of Free Classifieds for Small Business Google me today
virtual marketing team

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Amateur-Radio from Castles in Germany

In the year 2007 we found the COTA-team Germany. At the beginning the idea stood to come on the other side of the Pile Ups without to need a bunch of money.
Thus we want to be a platform for portable activities in connection with castles and palaces in Germany.
We look for the contact with other amateurradio representatives in Germany, Europe and the world with the same interests.
It lies in our interest to promote the portable activities to give new impulses and help working new diplomas concerning castles and palaces.
The activation of castles and palaces promotes also the public work of the DARC( German Amateur-Radio Club), we are at the sites and concomitantly interlocuter for the interested public.
The Flyer of the DARC containing a brief description of the own local radio club are handed over to interested one, then in many sites the first contact takes place.
On the picture are Stefan Dix DL1ATR and Gerhard Kaiser DL5AWI, two of the founders.
The next step was to coordinate the european activities. In 2008 it was succeeded that much of
national teams worldwide joined a activity weekend May 17/18th. We hope it will be succesful for a couple of years.

www.Gerhard Google me