Sunday, April 27, 2008

Operation from the " Muehlburg"

At the foreland of the
Thuringia Forest
between the cities
Arnstadt and Gotha
are prominent castle
silhouettes outlined
against the landscape.
If you driving on the
Autobahn across this
area, you can see this
wonderful panorama.
It is the scenic
imposing terrain of
the steeped
"Drei Gleichen". The name originated from the 11th
century castle Gleichen (THB-037) and the Muehlburg
(THB-36) constructed in the year 704.
The adjacent "Veste Wachsenburg"(THB-088) was build
up in the 10th-century. The two castles are seperated
around 6 miles. Only ruins remain from the first two
castles, while the "Veste Wachsenburg" is the best preserved
castle of the three.
Today is it a hotel with restaurant.
This area is a very popular destination. The countryside with
its rare plants and flowers presents an unforgettable picture
of unity and harmony

Every year in July, in occasion of the
IARU HF World Championship a part of the team DA0HQ
(German National Team) operate from the castle ruins of
Muehlburg (THB-036). The team compounded the best
amateur-radio operators around this area and she working
together on the higher shortwave bands, mostly of
10 meters/28mcs.
All technic and antennas, power supply/generators need
to load up from the valley to the hill from the boys in a very
hard work.

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Wavecritter said...

Yikes Gerhard! Looks like massive hard work there! But WOW! What great views of the castles! I put your links and blog highlight on and MyVMTeam.Info Sweet! Posts are awesome! Diggin' It THX! Cant wait to show my husband these! :)