Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Awesome Expedition by the Russian Robinson Club

Around this year IOTA-Contest (Islands on the Air) a team of members of the RRC (Russian Robinson Club) make an adventure to a very lonley place of the world: to Chuginadak Island (Islands of Four Mountains group)in Alaska.
According to Homer office of U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service, permission to visit this island is not needed. Dangerous was an active volcano.

They are using the callsign KL7DX wich is courtesy of Alaska DX Club.
On the website from the team, you can learn much more about this expedition:
RRC expedition to NA-234
The awesome and great video about the activity:

Around the IOTA contest, the team is not very connected with the rest of the world, because poor sunspot conditions, in the northern hemisphere especially poor.
I had worked at this contest also with my call DL5AWI. The result was over 800 contacts mostly with island operators. I´m a member of the RRC, my mebership number is 289 and I operated from several rare islands in the past years.

The KL7DX team make a short video about the poor conditions during the IOTA-contest on this place:

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Wavecritter said...

Too Cool, you can do this too yes? Just here the beeps and stuff but actually "hear" the words they mean instead of beep beep beep, right? This is so fascinating Gerhard :)