Thursday, March 13, 2008

DF0ESA /p on Wartburg Castle

After founding of the COTA-team Germany, one of
the first activities from the members of the
amateur-radio club-station DF0ESA was a portable
weekend from the historic castle Wartburg.

This castle have the thuringia castle number THB-001.
The team operated several times from this location.
On HF we worked with the transceiver FT890 from
YAESU and antenna was a longwire fixed in a tree,

because it was not allowed to use the wall from the

On VHF we worked with several equipment on 2m
and 70cm in FM via relais DB0THB and in SSB also.

We have here around our city Eisenach some other
historic places and we will try to get a operation from

Some historical facts about the Wartburg:

-1067 was the foundation of the castle by
"Ludwig dem Springer".With him began the
unprecedented development of the clan
"Ludovinger" for moe as 200 years.

-1130 The family appointed as landgraves

-1206 The legendary Minnesinger`s Contest was
here and the Holy Elizabeth lived here at this time.

-1221 The hungarian princess married the landgrave
Ludwig IV. After the death of her husband 1227 in palestine
(crosswar) Elizabeth was going to city of Marburg in order
to live her life in proverty, chastity and humility.

-1521 was Martin Luther here and translate the holy bible.

-1777 Johann Wolfgang Goethe visits the Wartburg

-1999 The Wartburg is part of the World`s Heritage now....

Over some centauries was much of reconstruction and

DL5AWI Gerhard Kaiser virtual marketing team

Klaus DO5AWE on VHF

QSL card DF0ESA with the Wartburg


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You will do well on Blog Talk Radio as well! Sweet :)

Muddog357 said...

Castles and Princessess, though I have one of my own, Princess, not castle =) I find it all fascinating

Scubadoggy said...

Great Photos and Awesome Info on the Wartburg Castle here!

GFranklin said...
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GFranklin said...

Cool castle... Love to see some more pictures of it sometime.

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Slideshow is great! Awesome addition to the blog.

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really enjoyed reading your post - its all very interesting and the pics are great - John Raines Google Me

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Love the castle what a beautiful place.very nice blog Gerhard

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My Grandmother lives in Frieburg, Germany (Omi) Everytime we visit her, we enjoy checking out some castles!
Scott OBrien - Google Me

Coach Gia said...

Hi Gerhard, awesome content and pictures!

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