Saturday, March 29, 2008

Castle Operation from Town Palace Eisenach

On the Thuringia Day 2007
in our city Eisenach, we
amateur-radio operator take
this occasion to put out our
signals around the world from
our town palace.
We operated portable from the
backyard with no good conditions
to erect some antennas.

For shortwave it was place only for a 40m-band dipole.
On the VHF section we used some equipment from

The Stadtschloss (town palace) is situated at the north end of
the Market place, left from the town hall and was built between
1742 and 1745. This palace was constructed to the plans of
Gottfried Heinrich Krohne, architect of Ernst August I,
Duke of Saxe-Weimar. Later Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
frequently stayed here in his capacity as Weimar prime minister
from 1777 on. Today the Stadtschloss acts as a venue for special
exhibitions and as a museum for artistic and historical artifacts
from Thuringia.


bleuet said...

Danke Gerhard fur die schonen fotos und den sehr guten Artikel.
:-) I truly enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks a lot

Wavecritter said...

The Town Palace is awesome! Europe has the best buildings! Ours aren't as cool! :)

'Digital" Don Hill said...

Gerhard - I had no idea you were an amateur radio operator! I've always wanted to become one myself, but always found that desire put aside for another. My father was a "ham" when he was a boy - I have his license dated 1919, and his telegraph key.

I did settle for shortwave listening as an alternative hobby, and enjoyed many broadcasts from Deutsche Welle in Koln, as well as eavesdropping on all of the amateur bands. Now that I know your callsign, I'll be listening for you!

Wyverex said...

This Castle Operation is great.

Wavecritter said...

Like out of a storybook for me :)

Bob Caine said...

Great blog, love the pictures. You should be great with blogradio.

askGerhard-Kaiser said...

thanks about all comments. I will
write more about this castle operations by HAM-radio in the future. And Don, thats great.I enjoy
telegraphy very much, but in the moment I have much to do with online business...
Info: May 17/18th is Europaen Castle weekend and much of outdoor activities by HAM-radio (I´m one of the founder).
Gerhard Kaiser - Google me
DL5AWI - Google it ;-)

michael curry said...

This is a very nice palace thanks for showing it to us...
Your Friend @
Michael Curry - google me

Wavecritter said...

Hi Gerhard!! Love the posts...You Rock! Steff

Wavecritter said...

:) Hi Gerhard! Castles Rock!!! Get it...they Rock...LOL :)

Rhonda Olin said...

My cousin's husband is a HAM-radio operator here in the U.S. and he and his buddies get together and do something similar to what you did here. Awesome architecture.

Rhonda Olin - Google Me

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerhard! Cool Beans!

Ask Dwayne petersen said...

thanks Gerhard for the pics and info about your radio and info about places over there.

Wavecritter said...

Google Me Jim Cobb and Jim Killeen! What an awesome combination! Check it out

Google Me said...

I love the architecture all over Germany. I could spend months just look at it. Ask Jim Cobb - Google Me