Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Amateur-Radio from Castles in Germany

In the year 2007 we found the COTA-team Germany. At the beginning the idea stood to come on the other side of the Pile Ups without to need a bunch of money.
Thus we want to be a platform for portable activities in connection with castles and palaces in Germany.
We look for the contact with other amateurradio representatives in Germany, Europe and the world with the same interests.
It lies in our interest to promote the portable activities to give new impulses and help working new diplomas concerning castles and palaces.
The activation of castles and palaces promotes also the public work of the DARC( German Amateur-Radio Club), we are at the sites and concomitantly interlocuter for the interested public.
The Flyer of the DARC containing a brief description of the own local radio club are handed over to interested one, then in many sites the first contact takes place.
On the picture are Stefan Dix DL1ATR and Gerhard Kaiser DL5AWI, two of the founders.
The next step was to coordinate the european activities. In 2008 it was succeeded that much of
national teams worldwide joined a activity weekend May 17/18th. We hope it will be succesful for a couple of years.

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