Saturday, October 3, 2009

Announcement of the Castles Activator Award

“World Castles Activator Award - WCAA”

The Award certificate “World Castles Activator Award - WCAA” has been instituted by group of radiohams-founders of World Castles Award Program (WCA) as a mark of commendation for work on the air from historical and memorial places.

The Award certificate “World Castles Activator Award - WCAA” is issued for work on the air form historical objects (activation) such as castles, fortresses, forts etc.

To obtain “World Castles Activator Award - WCAA” need to make not less than 50 QSOs from 5 various objects qualifying for WCA. For radiohams living near castles, fortresses, forts etc not far than 1 km need to make not less than 1000 QSOs.

QSOs are valid since January 1st. 1995 on any bands by any modes.

Award certificate “World Castles Activator Award - WCAA” is free of charge. There are two ways to obtain it:

1) in electronic form - JPG file completely ready for printing in A4 format (297x240) will send by e-mail;

2) in paper form by post (need to pay the postage).

The application for Award certificate “World Castles Activator Award - WCAA” is made in free-form but need to specify objects names, objects numbers by national award program or WCA-number, total number of QSO and dates when they were made.

Award manager: Petushkov Andey Alexandrovich, RN1CW,P.O.Box 340/5, Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad oblast, 188540, Russia


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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On Air from Fortess "Brandenburg" 2009

foto: ©
In this summer our team was on air from the very old fortress "Brandenburg" (THB-067).
This old fort is about 7 kilometers far from the mainpoint and center of the middleage "The Wartburg" (THB-001)
You can found some fotos in this video about geocaching: Brandenburg an der Werra
Some fact about this fortress are here in german: Die Brandenburg
The crew from our clubstation DF0ESA was on air with FT890 barefoot and with simple dipole. Fotos from this activity:

fotos © DL5AWI

Thursday, July 16, 2009

DF0ESA/p on air again from a castle

The Clubstation worked again from Wartburg Castle first days in May.
Operators DG1BDF, DL5AWI, DL6OO, DL7AQI, DM3AWK , DO3AWE and DO5AWE activated the reference THB-001 for the World Castles Award (WCA), using the callsign DF0ESA/p. They planed to activate the Castle on as many HF bands as propagation permits.