Monday, June 18, 2012

Short report about my activity on WCW

(World Castle Weekend)

About castle Oberellen WCA DL-01481 COTA THB-187 in DLFF-128
With the Secularization of the Thuringian monasteries the property got 1543 to the Eichsfeld noble family von Hanstein, who took over the village court and feudal lords. In the place were two representative castles; she was built between 1594 and 1604. 1936 changed the Castle from the family von Hanstein to the community Oberellen. Today, the castle has a restaurant and a pilgrim hostel.


   The condx was very poor and from about 1200 UTC on no loud signals on all bands.
   I closed my station and go to the castle restaurant for good meal and
   some glasses of wine... and talking with the people.....
   In the late afternoon, all signals better and many stations found the way in my log.
   Unfuturnately :-) I must go QRT, because the german footall team was playing this evening.
The images/fotos all from the castle with some details...

73 44 11 and until the next trip!
 Gerd DL5AWI/m

RIG: FT890 abt 60 watts
Antenna: Outback 3000 mobile wip
first time logged all QSOs with notebook in the car...      


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